Andrew J. Austin

But This One is Mine

When I sat down to begin reworking my site for what feels like the fifteenth time, the only thing I knew for certain was that I wanted Lyon Text as my main typeface — and I wanted it set small, more bookish than not. Designed by Kai Bernau and released through Commercial Type — Lyon really is a spectacular, unassuming face that reads beautifully on screen and off.

Beyond the decision of my core typeface, the rest was up for grabs. Initially, I considered designing with only one weight of Lyon, but that felt like a disconnect on my personal site — for as many faces as I like, I should at least showcase a few on here. For additional faces, I decided to limit my search to my two favorite foundries: Klim Type Foundry and Commerical Type. This allowed me to support the great work they do and provided a nice set of constraints for the decision. Ultimately choosing one extra face from each, I could not be happier:

  1. Marian Text Black — designed by Paul Barnes — serves as a type of rotating monogram on the site.
  2. Founders Grotesk Text — designed by Kris Sowersby — functions in certain headings and captions.

Over the course of reworking, I experimented with a number of different content management systems. I decided early on to use a static file system and the final two contenders were Siteleaf or Kirby (which my old site was built on). Siteleaf looks like a stellar system and I enjoyed playing around with it, but Kirby ultimately won me over with its active development and framework.

The basic structure of the site is assisted by Bourbon and Neat both by Thoughtbot, with a little dash of Garnish by Paulo Pereira.

I have a few things lined up for the future of the site, but for now, this is where it’s at and I am glad to have it live. There are many sites out there, but this one is mine. Some of the opinions offered up in the design will not mesh with everyone, but I wanted my corner of the web to feel like home.